Guidance on the system and validations

How does Vocational Training work?

Vocational Training is configured as a system integrating the different types of training on offer: regulated (via the Education System), occupational and continuous (via the Vocational Training System for Employment in the Labour Field). As indicated in the regulations, the different ranges of training are structured around the CNCP (National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications).

Organic Law 5/2002 of 19 June 2002 configures the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications as the institutional driver of the vocational training system applicable to the whole national territory.

The Catalogue was created with the aim of facilitating the suitability of vocational training for the labour market and its integrated nature, as well as lifelong learning, worker mobility and labour market unity.

The National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications comprises the qualifications identified within the productive system and the training associated with them, which is divided into training modules.

professional qualification

Vocational training qualifications (vocational training of the education system)

Professional certificates (vocational training for employment)

Recognition through work experience or non-formal training channels.

Once acquired through any of the above-mentioned channels it is valid and recognised and can be validated for others.
The qualifications and their corresponding associated training are valid and applicable throughout the national territory.
The National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, rincludes all the current qualifications. It is currently divided into 26 professional families and each family has different areas.

socio-cultural and community services professional family

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Social Care

Education and Training

Personal Services

social care area

  • SSC089_2 Social and health care for people in their homes.
  • SSC320_2 Social and health care for dependent people in social institutions.
  • SSC443_2 Telecare call management.
  • SSC323_3 Work placement for people with disabilities.
  • SSC324_3 Community mediation.
  • SSC447_3 Mediation between deafblind people and the community.
  • SSC450_3 Promotion and socio-educational intervention with people with disabilities.

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